History of El Corazón Golf Club

Welcome to El Corazón Golf Club & Restaurant. When you fly over Manzanillo you will see a beautiful view of the twin bays, Manzanillo and Santiago. They are separated by the famous Peninsula de Santiago, home of La Punta, one of the most prestigious places to live in Mexico. As you focus on the bays you get to see that Manzanillo is in the shape of a heart, and that is what the Owners of El Corazón Golf Club saw when they flew over the peninsula for the first time back in December 1981. That's where the idea came about to name the golf course, "El Corazón." Their first words were "Look, it's in the shape of a heart!" Who would have thought that they would fall in love with the area, but they did, and have made an investment in the future of Manzanillo, with the golf course and the future growth of the area.